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What a fascinating presentation you gave on Sunday, Paul, to the members and guests at our breakfast. Many people would have liked to hear more information on the whole realm of handling many of the new technologies, but certainly appreciated your hints on “getting with the times”.

As you could tell from the variety and eagerness of the questions that were asked, your points in the presentation touched all of us no matter what level of technology we are currently using . The startling statistical date was hard to fathom for many of us there – even though we know some basic background information about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Also, you did a great job of telling and showing us all about the functions of your company, Search Engine People and how social media research is such a relevant factor for not only you company’s success, but also for the success of the general population. The congregation also commented on the scenarios you presented, your sense of humor, and how you answered all the questions with clarity and conciseness.

Thank you so very much Paul, for donating your honorarium back to the Church. It was a generous gesture and we thank you for your kindness. The members and the guests of Mount Zion Church were impressed, and we were happy to have you, Paul, as our guest!

Elsie K Farnham
Mount Zion Breakfast Club Team